About Us

The birth of Kiln Art can be traced to a magical moment in 1999 when Sharon, an accomplished traditional stained-glass artist, invited her then friend, Paul, to make a fused glass plate at her studio. Paul, an author and former journalist, now Sharon’s husband, took a novel approach that opened up her imagination and set the both of them on a new trajectory in art and life.

Paul’s approach was to use crushed stained glass or frit, as it is known, as if it were paint. It was like painting with coloured sand. Sharon immediately saw the potential in the technique and together they began experimenting and exploring the seemingly endless possibilities.

It took a few years to work out the kinks, but Sharon and Paul grew to become masters of perspective, imagination, creativity and design.

Today, Kiln Art is collected around the world by individuals attracted to its vibrant, rich colors and unique designs. Each piece is handcrafted from the first cut to the final finish and is signed by the artist.

While we are a business with an innovative approach, we still have old-fashioned sensibilities. You can’t just push a button and order Kiln Art – you need to talk to us about what you want because everything we do is made uniquely for you. We’re here to serve you, so don’t be shy.

Chez Lass GlassIn response to a great interest for their work, Sharon and Paul established a manufacturing facility in 1999 in Chester Basin, Nova Scotia, about a 45-minute drive west of Halifax. Chez Glass Lass was the retail space in Chester for 22 years but closed in late 2022.  There is now a dedicated space in the studio to view and purchase their work.

Come discover fused glass tableware, giftware, and home accents that are not only inspired, but will inspire your own creativity.